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  • Artist Info: ---------ABOUT ME<br />
    x_x Lots of people hate me, I'll tell you now<br />
    x_x Most of them hate me because I'm so awesome<br />
    x_x I'm proud to say that I have all the Star Trek movies and shows on DVD<br />
    x_x If that makes me a nerd, then good<br />
    x_x I like teddy bears, but i like death more<br />
    x_x I dont know why I put the last two things in a sentence together<br />
    x_x I don't like to walk because I bump into things<br />
    x_x I scream at cars and if I sand in front of them while they're moving, they'll scream back<br />
    x_x Racists, sexists, and homophobics disgust me<br />
    x_x I hate people who hate (non-crazy) Muslims<br />
    x_x I'll accept your request if you want to be my friend<br />
    x_x I like cake<br />
    x_x No, I'm not gay<br />
    x_x Well, not really. Only sometimes... Most of the time.<br />
    x_x I f you haven't guessed I'm kind of wierd, you must be slow<br />
    x_x I tried to kill myself when I realized Bambi is DEAD<br />
    x_x I'm also kind of random<br />
    x_x I have a Star Trek lunch box <br />
    x_x I used to have a phaser until I brought it to school and tried to kill my English teacher<br />
    x_x I got kicked out of that school<br />
    x_x I like to jump in puddles and I don't care if I get sick<br />
    x_x i cuss, A LOT, and the fact that I wrote so much without one F****** surprizes me<br />
    x_x Nevermind<br />
    x_x I tried to be normal once, my mom put me in a mental hospital<br />
    x_x That was a lie<br />
    x_x I have numerous dreams about Zachary Quinto without a shirt on<br />
    x_x I paint my nails pink<br />
    x_x Most people are only my friend because I have awesome hair<br />
    x_x Zachary Quinto is the sexiest man alive<br />
    x_x I refuse to wear any other shoes than converse<br />
    x_x Titanic makes me cry<br />
    x_x I'm one of those crazy Twilight people<br />
    x_x Only, I hate Twilight, but I'm still cazy like that for Naruto<br />
    x_x I told AAA that I drink<br />
    x_x B****** didn't even have a support group<br />
    x_x I'm not one of those annoying emo kids<br />
    x_x Wait, yeah, I am<br />
    x_x My favorite girly band is Owl City<br />
    x_x I draw rainbows on my face<br />
    x_x Emo guys wearing skinny jeans was my idea<br />
    x_x I have a lip ring, it's pretty sexy<br />
    x_x At least that's what my boyfriend says<br />
    x_x I dont really have a boyfriend, so stop looking at me like that<br />
    x_x I shout random things at trees, lamps, and signs<br />
    x_x Dogs scare me<br />
    x_x Spiderman is cool<br />
    x_x I like ferrets<br />
    x_x if you read all of that, you are either are 1) stalking me 2) a very smart person, or 3) bored either way, let me know and I'll be super nice to you (;<br />
    Things I like...<br />
    x_x BOYS (especially boys who like boys) emotion_kirakira But, I like girls, too<br />
    x_x Piercings<br />
    x_x Asain boys<br />
    x_x Emo boys<br />
    x_x K-pop and K-dramaz<br />
    x_x Anime<br />
    x_x Uh, did I mention boys? I really f*****g love boys.<br />
    x_x Japan<br />
    x_x British accents<br />
    x_x Converse<br />
    x_x Shameless flirts (; because I can be one at times<br />
    x_x Zombies emotion_zombie <br />
    x_x Naruto *drools*<br />
    x_x Star Trek<br />
    x_x Rainbows on occasion<br />
    x_x Video game &gt;Zelda FTW, B*TCH&lt;<br />
    x_x Guyliner<br />
    x_x Kittens!<br />
    x_x The Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdy Ruff Boys<br />
    x_x Dubstep<br />
    X_x Raves and dancing like I'm strung out on X<br />
    && other stuff that I'll probably add later.
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