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    Well hello there. <br />
    Since this is an "About Me" section, I'll tell you about me, because you totally care. But after the introduction, of course. <br />
    It's ll The Slytherin Queen ll - and if you didn't notice that by now, you've got serious issues, my man. (or woman, or anything in between) Um, so yeah. That's my name. emotion_awesome <br />
    I've been on Gaia on and off for a while now. I go on mainly because I miss the Harry Potter forums.<br />
    Yeah, I'm a DIE-HARD HARRY POTTER fan. emotion_dealwithit <br />
    But I'm not on the "good-side" of whatever you call those idiotic Gryffindors. I'm a Slytherin (yes, on Pottermore and by heart) so I'm not the nicest, kindest person in the world.<br />
    Sure, Slytherin has a... healthy... amount of not-so-nice wizards, but so what? We're cool like that. I guess. emotion_brofist <br />
    I love music and I'm in band. And I'm definitely not the nerdy geeky type and I really am not into anime and manga. I guess I could stand the Percy Jackson series somewhat. And the Inheritance series, except I lost my patience and quit at Eldest.<br />
    Twilight? B****h please. emotion_eyebrow <br />
    I'm pretty moody and I don't make friends at first sight. It's hard to get me as a friend in the first week of knowing me. Just putting that out there.<br />
    I currently questing something for my dream avi, and I'm pretty darn close! <br />
    Um... what else to say.... <br />
    I guess that's it about me.<br />
    And here's for all you other Potterheads out there:<br />
    Of course I'm a Death Eater. And a Parselmouth. <br />
    My patronus is a leopard. And Armontentia smells like buttery popcorn and baking cheesecake and a fresh load of laundry to me. 3nodding <br />
    I hope to never find out what color my Polyjuice Potion is, especially if someone else found out before me. <br />
    Read all the books. Watched all the movies. Didn't cry at the last one like the majority of you. Not a big fan of the movies.<br />
    I lurve Tom Felton. (the actor) And of course Malfoy. (the character) And the rest of his family. (both)<br />
    The Dark Lord? heart <br />
    PM me if you want to, and check out my shop in Marketplace.<br />
    Now go away.
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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