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  • Artist Info: Greetins Gaia member!<br />
    It is quite odd to write a mini autobiography of myself, because seriously, I doubt I will ever have a chance meet any of you. But what the heck, it's here isn't it.<br />
    I was born in Texas and presently reside in Kentucky. I am not a 'Hick' nor am I a 'Red Neck.' <br />
    My age is private, but I will say that I am between the ages of 17-25.<br />
    I am a Christian, but I don't preach, so you have nothing to be consered about introduceing yourself to me.<br />
    I except all friend request starting now. But when birthdays come around, I only give gifts to my closest friends.<br />
    Please don't private message me, don't beg for gold or items from me, or send me any get rich skeems. <br />
    Yes, I am a horrible speller.<br />
    <br />
    P.S. I don't date online and if I did, the fellow would have to be 21 years and older. And again, I DONT DATE ONLINE.
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