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  • Artist Info: Heres a few things you can call me because I'm bored. <br />
    Lambo-san, Dragon, Orrr Dino-san. And thts all i can think of XD<br />
    Well, lets see I'm a bored guy.<br />
    I like almost every color <br />
    I have a gaia family xD as you can see. <br />
    Also I like cookies, brownies, and lots more.<br />
    I like food XD <br />
    Pretty much I don't really tell lies but if you don't believe me then that's fine<br />
    And I'm a fun random guy to hang with I guess. <br />
    I guess it's fun to act around with a whole bunch of people. <br />
    <br />
    I can't tell you anymore :3
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