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  • Artist Info: im 15<br />
    i like anime<br />
    i like to draw manga<br />
    im lonely here on gaia! be my friend... smile <br />
    im single<br />
    i hate twilight (dont kill me because i think otherwise about it razz )<br />
    dont ask me about the jonas brothers, i couldnt care less razz <br />
    my favorite coulor is blue<br />
    im about 5'7'' ish<br />
    i weigh about 100 pounds (or less, i havent checked razz )<br />
    i love to sing biggrin <br />
    i like to party smile <br />
    i love my friends<br />
    i like rock, j-pop,j-rock<br />
    i have this smexi tan in real life smile <br />
    i have fb (but its unlikely ill tell you who i am razz )<br />
    i have msn. that i can tell you! (but you have to pm me, i dont like random people talking to me :O)<br />
    i like kitties biggrin but my cat is stupid sad <br />
    i think thats it for now sad
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