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    Here are my rules:<br />
    -No, I will not be your friend.<br />
    -No, I will not go out with you.<br />
    -No, I do not want to trade items with you.<br />
    -No, I will not buy your art.<br />
    -Yes, I will bootygrab in your tank<br />
    -NO! You may NOT enter my home without PMing me first. There was an incident today of that. Here is the story.<br />
    <br />
    My best bud and I were in my house, suddenly some guy neither of us knew came in with his friend and they stayed there for 10 minutes and they even invited their stupid friends over into MY HOUSE. They would not leave until we threatened to report them for throwing a party in my house. And I did manage to report one of them for it. You people all need to stay out of my house.<br />
    Here is the funny part, they were not, nor have ever been my friends but somehow they managed to get inside a house that was marked "Friends Only" on MY settings. When I tell you people to get your FAT BUTTS OUT OF MY FREAKING HOUSE I mean it!
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