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    Ello!! Names Chelsea. But most just call me Chels.<br />
    So....A little about me. I've got red hair with strawberry blonde streaks. And bluesish greenish eyes and freackles.<br />
    I love music. I always know if there is something I can't explain, my music can. I love it write. I write poetry, books, and songs. Writing is just how I express my self.<br />
    I'm not a normal person by far. But who wants to be normal? Normal is boring. And no one likes boring.<br />
    I love honest people. And people who do what they want and not what everyone else is doing. I can't stand liers, cheaters, and fakers. In my opinion, they have no personality. If you fallow everyone else, then your not really the person you claim to be. You just like the next person who comes along. <br />
    I believe that you care about a person, tell them. You never know what could happen from it.<br />
    My life is strange for me. But still good yet. The people in it, I could never trade for the world. Theres not a thing I would change.<br />
    But, for now this is all I can think to write. So, contact me if you wanna know more....<br />
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