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  • Artist Info: This is a little odd, considering i doubt anyone will really take time to read this unless..well, maybe you have a reason to or just want to,?<br />
    <br />
    um...my name is Wii..as you can see, I Use to be really shy online, even now, i still am. but a very special close friend of mine helped me to be abit more open.<br />
    I normally dont come on much anymore, school, life, family, 'Friends', things are just...busy...<br />
    i do miss it here though, i really miss the people i met here, though even if they didnt like me, it was wonderful meeting them. <br />
    The old gaia i miss the most i guess...its changed alot, since i joined, i mean..<br />
    this isnt really the type of thing to read just for kicks, i guess im being more open seeing how not many will read it, or care..i dont know...<br />
    My hobby is Drawing, sketching, ect. Art, really.<br />
    I do have a DeviantART: http://wiissbb123600.deviantart.com/DeviantART<br />
    and Sketchfu: http://sketchfu.com/profile/wiissbbSketchfu<br />
    Starting Aug.8.12. i will be a Freshmen..was Accepted into a Art Program at a high school out of my district. very excited..very nervous..<br />
    Im not Social.. im really not. i like..being away from most, i like, being alone.<br />
    but, there are those people, Friends, that i love to have around me.<br />
    I Love anime, manga,O.Cs.Memes, animations, RP (Roleplaying) Ect.<br />
    Im not like most teens. Im not like Every other Girl. Im Me.
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