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    ::☆::Crush Meh && Luvz Meh::☆::
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    Konnichiwa, My name is Zoey and I'm 15 years old and I'm a sophmore! Some people say that I'm nice, caring,random but hyper and crazy sometimes,also I dare to be different. Once You get to know me well enough,you'll love me, FACTS!. All my friendz is is my family and we all taking care of each other,ff you mess with them and have problem with them...well just becareful cuz I going o get chu someday! Anyway, I dont get mad easily, however, I cry for the pain that stay with in me and killing me alive. Each and every day my memory destroying a piece out of me, the one i try to holdin on...My pain taking me too far... I guess it began to take control of me. I'm lost and confused, alot...Maybe because I dumb or cuz my real self got trap in my fantasy world...at least no pain there... As the day passing by and everything change, so did times... I starting hate life, more than u have ever imagine. I just wish i never been born because to me life mean nothing,at all... What the point of staying alive then die later on? I not a hater nor a lover...Just that my heart been emtpy for so many year, so cold and empty there..I can't no longer have that feeling in me...The girl I use to be and the one u have see now is the two different girl . The one got taken over, knock over, and die...deep down inside &lt;/3<br />
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    I'm ,very, really sensitive and emotional. If u hate dont like that facts then dont be my friend because I will CRY. If you going to be my friend Talk to me! Do not please dont ever add me walk in my life knowing that you'll left me later on...<br />
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