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  • Artist Info: Well you already know me if youre actually here and not a random page hopper but here goes. About me:<br />
    So you wish to hear about me eh? Well lets begin with the basics. I am a tall (6'5) thin goth kid if you will, who enjoys every aspect of his life to the fullest. I have the heart of a child but the soul of passion itself. Im probably the most effectionette guy you'll ever meet. Whether that be a flaw or a pro, is for you to decide. I live for two things: Fun (in all its many forms) and love. I am a very gullible person by my friends standards at least. Oh, Im also an observer and not much of a talker unless in my idea of an intreiging conversation. Well thats enough for now. To learn even more, read my "about me" chart below the movies. Have fun in my realm.<br />
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