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  • Artist Info: Sup nigga! Welcome to my profile.<br />
    I figure that you are probably here for one of only a few reasons. You are either here:<br />
    -Because I am a sexy bitch, and you could not help, but to notice.<br />
    -Because I offended you and you are leaving me a comment saying that you reported me.<br />
    -Or because you want either my nuts, love, or friendship.<br />
    <br />
    (Note: If the first one is true, please keep it in your pants. If the second one is true, get the fuck of my profile. I f the third one is true, continue reading.)<br />
    <br />
    Ohkai. I am going to learn you good about me.<br />
    <br />
    Things that you might want to know aboot me:<br />
    -I was born in America, the land of douchebaggery, on April 27th, 1990.<br />
    -I have a penis.<br />
    -I lived in Hawaii for most of my life.<br />
    -I am down with the bitches and the hoes.<br />
    -My favorite color is purple.<br />
    -I am not gay.<br />
    -I am a cartoonist and proud of it. Don't bag on me because everybody grew up on cartoons.<br />
    -I will probably offend, or upset, at least one person for every post I make.<br />
    -I am going to college in Colorado.<br />
    -I live in a wannabe hick town.<br />
    -I wear leopard spotted shoes.<br />
    -I have an xbox. If you have left4dead, hit me up with your gamertag.<br />
    -I like all music that does not fail. (Note: I hate 98% of all the music that is on the radio)<br />
    -If I could violently kill one person on the face of the planet, with no repercussions, I would kill Lady Gaga. I would take a sledgehammer to her poker face.<br />
    -At the time you are reading this I am probably single. (Note: If you are a female (physically, not mentally), between the ages of 17-23, that is living in the four corners region, feel free to give me a visit.)<br />
    -My two favorite foods are tacos and sushi.<br />
    -I have no money!<br />
    -I probably don't like you.<br />
    -I hate trends.<br />
    -I hate stupid people.<br />
    <br />
    You have read enough. A good day to you.
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