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    <br />
    I am a 13 year old girl. I live in doncaster in Britain and attend the local boring highschool. I hate chavs and plastics as they all seem to be selfish dumb brats. I love to read, I like the kind of book that can make a grown man cry. I like reading and writing poetry. I am in the top set of year 8 and am on a gifted and talented list. I have been adopted by my grandparents who have always looked after me, since I was 8 months old. I can get distracted easily, and even easier if...oooh butterfly! Sorry, yes I can get distracted even easier if something bores me. I don't like people that upset my friends and family, or people that con others out of their gold. I don't accept random friend requests as I think they are annoying, so it's a waste of time sending them, if I want to be your friend, I will ask you<br />
    I have a guild: PaJaMa ParTy which I started recently.<br />
    I love animals, my favourites are cats, although my only cat died over a year ago due to old age. My favourite insect is the butterfly as they are beautiful and come in many different varieties.<br />
    Thats not all my life, but I can't fit it all in here so you can get to know me more if you become my friend<br />
    <br />
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