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  • Artist Info: Well... there's not really much that I could say about myself. Um, I enjoy wrighting books and poems. Recently I've found out I'm kind of good at drawing manga. Heh, the date on my birthday is wrong, it's supposed to be the 22 lol. Anyways, if you'd like to be my friend I'd definatly say yes. Also if you'd like to have a peom or story I could could wright one up for ya. Thanks for reading!<br />
    <br />
    List of Do's and Dont's:<br />
    1:Feel free to ask me for advice(I might not be right, but I'll get you somewhere!)<br />
    2:I'm a carefree spirit but that doesn't mean I can't be hurt.<br />
    3:I have lots of diffrent personalities so I might be wierd at times.<br />
    4:this list needs to be longer!<br />
    <br />
    Another list of stuff:<br />
    1:I like video games, sometimes I learn things!<br />
    2:Blood red is my fav color.<br />
    3:I understand things(like poeple's problems)<br />
    4:I luv to help(doesn't mean I'll be able to though)<br />
    5:I only dislike one kind of preson in this world, people who hate people fore no reason<br />
    6:this list needs to be longer too!<br />
    <br />
    Stories I'm wrighting:<br />
    1:Gate of Beginning<br />
    2:Gate of Death<br />
    3:Gate of Freedom<br />
    4:Gate of Ending<br />
    5:The Cocoon/Infected<br />
    6:The Cocoon/Quarentine<br />
    7:The Cocoon/Vaccine<br />
    8 razz ath of the Shinobi:Sien's Story<br />
    9:Kri<br />
    10:Two digigts! Hurrah!<br />
    <br />
    People I've drawn(who aren't real):<br />
    1:Sky<br />
    2:Raven<br />
    3:Nikkii Sen<br />
    4:Yuri Lock<br />
    5:Sia Darie<br />
    6:Alice<br />
    7:Nina Valentine<br />
    8:The Lovely Desert Rose<br />
    9:list will be bigger!
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