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    Hello! Whether you've decided to click on my profile or not, here you are! So, here's some info. about yours truly!<br />
    I am currently 24, I'm a Scorpio, and I was born a female and have remained as such.<br />
    I have one older brother.<br />
    I'm single, but not particularly looking for anything.(Though if love finds me, I'll accept it with open arms.)<br />
    I'm a pretty fun person if I do say so myself.<br />
    I never really run out of things to talk about.<br />
    I like talking about sex. In general.(Though I am not interested and never will be interested in sexting, cybering or anything of the sort.)<br />
    I'm gay.<br />
    My favorite colors are Green, White, and Yellow.<br />
    My height is 5'5".<br />
    I love anime and manga. I'm not opposed to anything when it comes to either so it all depends on if it interests me or not.<br />
    All in all, if you want to know anything, just ask. The chances of getting an answer are usually quite high. ^^<br />
    Also! I am very honest and blunt!
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