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    Im Like The Most Fun Person Ever.<br />
    Whenn im dumped i try hard not to cry about it, i get the hell out and find a new Bf, when im single i flirt a damn lot. when im in a relationship i make the other persons life heaven. When im with the Ladies i dont try to impress, er . . . i never really do try to impress. Im always joking about something, its up to you to know when im serious, delusional, or just being stupid.<br />
    I Love My Friends, They put me through alot, good and bad. Friends are what keep you in put, if you turn your back on your friends, what Do You have Left? Im always doing SOMETHING, i am a very active person I am a Captian of my cheerleading team, i ply softball, and volleyball and i do alot of skatng. i have a guy i tell everything named jay hes like the most trust worthy guy ever. <br />
    <br />
    Likes In A Boy :]<br />
    Someone funny and perverted but wont pressure me, someone i can trust not to tell my secrets, someone who can look past all the bullshit, and someone who wot betray me. Someone who tells me when they love me right away, someone whos wierd and always laughing. Someone . . . . whos total AWSOME.<br />
    <br />
    Dislikes in a boy :[<br />
    someone whos a lieing kiniving bitch ass douche bag who cant be straight up and doesnt trust me to make the right decisions who just cant get a good feel on how life works.
    <br />
    <br />
    [Status: Taken ♥ ] *4/9/2012* I Love Chu Babe ♥
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