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  • Artist Info: What do you need to know about me?<br />
    I was born in -94 in the dark, cold wastes of the cruel North. I am a traveler, with a wanderlust rivaled by few, and the security of staying in one place only holds charm for me for moments at a time.<br />
    I have a certain lunacy to me that manifests as an almost brash self-confidence, unbroken by anything others can say or do.<br />
    Yet in times of need I can keep a (somewhat) level head.<br />
    I have always believed that the pen is sharper than the sword, and iron wits and a sharp tongue can take one far in life.<br />
    Yet to reach the top you must have one of the two: Business instinct or charisma.<br />
    Wit without one of those will not be enough.<br />
    I have been called a diplomat and a politician, a negotiator.<br />
    I perhaps agree.<br />
    Why be a politician though? Those who perhaps are wise enough for politics are also wise enough to never go into politics.<br />
    <br />
    Then again, this is all rambling. Have a cookie if you read it all wink
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