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  • Artist Info: 12 things you should knw about me: Remeber dont be a stalker<br />
    1. I'm a dude (obviously).<br />
    2. I like school and get good grades.<br />
    3.NOTW is the best sign in the world(Not Of This World).<br />
    4.I changed my username because my other one was weird...don't tell me where I got the name.<br />
    5.My favorite video system is my PS3-Srry no XBO360 but hear its alright <br />
    6.Favorite Nba team:Cleveland Cavaliers(You probably than know who my favorite player is) Dont worry i like Lakers too.<br />
    7. I'm from LA<br />
    8.I love assasin's Creed 2 <br />
    9.My friends in reality are emerge22 and EmoPanda081<br />
    10.I like sitin on the couch with some sort of chip and watch stuff i like<br />
    11.I like going on youtube and laughing and being with friends<br />
    12.I like oranges<br />
    <br />
    p.s. This is all true...fortunately 0.0<br />
    <br />
    P.s.s. Lebron and Kobe are both equal so stop complaining,but think of this Kobe is good at 31 but what about when Lebron is 31? I mean he's only 25 but still they're equal ok.
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