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  • Artist Info: Top 5 things you should know about me:<br />
    <br />
    1.I'm short Tempered.<br />
    (but i can't stay mad for to long)<br />
    2.If your my friend i'll have ur back and be<br />
    there for you when ever you need me to.<br />
    (but if you fuck me over once things will never be the same)<br />
    3.I'm happy most of the time.<br />
    (or at least i act like it.and trust me you'll never be able to<br />
    tell the difference)<br />
    4.When my sister Tonya dies it will distore me.<br />
    (I Love her and with out her i might not have been as <br />
    sane as i am not.i go to her for everything now)<br />
    5.If i date you and tell you I Love you and always will i'll truely mean it.<br />
    (but if we sperated it will distore me but i won't ever show it)<br />
    <br />
    *one last thing*<br />
    i'm gonna do wat i want when i want and don't try to stop<br />
    i'm stubborn as hell.so u mines well join me you'll have <br />
    more fun that way.
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