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  • Artist Info: welcome to 13 elm street !<br />
    nah welcome to kelly's bebo<br />
    heres somefacts bout me :]<br />
    im 15<br />
    im taken by the best boyfriend in the world <br />
    im a fan girl of escape the fate, mcr, slipknot, emery, red hot chili peppers and heavy metal bands !<br />
    im a writer (hell yea a 15 year old can be a writer !)<br />
    i love percings and tattoos im currently have 2 6mm tapers and a tounge percing <br />
    im really out there , and i have a few little problems with my emotions !<br />
    im adicted to anime and pockeys<br />
    people who are my close mates love to sit around and gossip wid me<br />
    <br />
    so basicly thats me in a nut shell<br />
    flick me a txt on<br />
    0277672443<br />
    <br />
    now join the revolution today :]<br />
    xoxoxo kelly <br />
    <br />
    follow the trail of blood to the stach of bodys, but stay away demons hide in there o_0 <br />
    follow the bleeding ! <br />
    follow me on :<br />
    deviantart: www.bleeding-xx.deviantart.com<br />
    twitter :http://twitter.com/bleedingxx<br />
    facebook: www.facebook/kelly kingham
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