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  • Artist Info: Let's see, what do I have to say about myself? Well I LOVE mangas and animes, art, music, dance, acting (I'm always doing this), drawing (not very good at it, but oh well. I still like it), and ummmm... oh, I LOVE to play video games!!! My favorite one right now is Final FantasyX wink It's so fun, but Yuna is kind of weak. Thankfully Tidus and Lulu make up for her pathetic fighting skills. Besides playing video games, I also like to read; and mangas aren't the only books on the list. I read every thing from bloody horror stories to to breath-taking adventures. I even read romance stories...er... well as long as I can keep them hidden from my mom. If she knew some of the stuff I've been reading she'd have a heart attack, then come back from the grave just to yell at me!!!<br />
    Not only am I a big reader, I'm also a writer, but I get more of the story tossed out the window of my mind then I get written down. So most of the stories I come up with are forgotten before they're ever written, or I loose interest in the story before I finish it. When I was little I also wrote my own song lyrics, but as soon as they were written down, I couldn't remember how they were meant to sound, it still happens, even now......sigh......<br />
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