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  • Artist Info: Well my name is Dezi but people call me a lot of things (ew haters!). I'm from Ashtabula, Ohio but moved to Williamsport, Pennsylvania when i was in third grade. I dont recommend that town by the way. I'm currently living in Olmstead Falls, Ohio! biggrin I'm pretty much obsessed with my ipod and gymnastics. I either want to be a translator or a personal trainer at a fat camp when i grow (completely) up, still deciding! I'm only 15 but in my eyes i'm more mature then most. I don't mind parties but i dont drink, smoke or do drugs. I just like dancing like a weirdo! I love all music!<br />
    When it comes to people; I love meeing new people. I hate learning how people truely are. About 85% of people I've met so far have fucked me over, usually in a major way like screwing my boyfriend or pretending to be my best friend just to spread rumors about me and stuff like that. You'll find i'm very touchy because i don't trust people. One wrong thing come out your mouth and i could never trust you. When i say i love someone though, I never stop loving them. It's sort of a bad thing because i forgive the wrong people over and over again because i love them when they dont love me. I'm a slightly jealous person and kind of sensitive, never about posessions, usually about when it comes to love. My first impression is usually right, usually.<br />
    If you are a true person, you will never ever ever find a better friend! I don't mind gays, I don't hate any specific race or gender, class, intelligence, i dont think pregnant means slut, i don't mind being friends with what other people call "sluts" anyway, cool with any stereotype (preppy, hippy, emo, nerdy, jock, etc etc) i do not like people who hate (I'm a hater towards haterss...awkward circle). When people talk about other people behind their back when the person has done nothing to them, it screams jealous and pathetic to me. I don't like drama whores and two-faced people.<br />
    I keep secrets like a beast, i love it when people open up to me because it means they trust me ♥ I'm a very trustworthy person and i could never bring myself to cheat on someone, pretend to be someones friend, or use anyone </3 all that has happened to me before and i would hate to make anyone feel like that): i couldn't live with myself.<br />
    I don't really regret anything that's happened to me because living through all the betrayal and heart break and looking back makes me feel strong.<br />
    I'm usually pretty confident in the way I look, i get self concious of my braces and if i have acne though D: but who doesn't?<br />
    I'm defensive and the only reason i would fight someone is when they dont have their facts straight or they dont look in the mirror and see they are 10 times worse off then me but if somethings true i'll admit to it or just say nothing, i don't disagree when somethings true because that's lying.<br />
    I Have extremeeeee insomnia. It's 2 am while i'm writing this and i've slept around 12 hours in 5 days, all of a sudden i crash though, so if i get really pissed and cranky and whinny on the verge of tears it's cuz i'm tired.<br />
    I love my family ♥ my moms rambling, grey's over-happy morning attitude, my little brothers craziness, my sisters sweetness, mimi's concern and caring nature and everyone else out there! biggrin shout out!<br />
    I also love my good friends! ♥ my best best friends are Emily Turner and Mark Nebling, they know alll my secrets and they care about how i feel alll the time. My best friends are Katie Beamer, Daneya Johnson and Cynthia Howard but they dont talk to me as much as Em and Mark so they dont know eveeeerything but they know a lot about how i feel about things, they make me laugh and they are always there when i need them!<br />
    I try not to become too attached to boys because i get hurt! But like most teenage girls, i fall sometimes. I hate boys who can't make me laugh all the time, hold a conversation, aren't interesting people, over cocky (unless it's jokingly), or they don't beg me to talk to them when i say "I don't want to talk about it" because truth is i really do i just want to feel like you care enough to not give up when i'm stubborn smile [I also like compliments but i hate over flattering becuz it gets awkward when i'm saying thanks over and over]. Aaaaaand i know most people say looks don't matter but to me they do a bit. like i dont mind chubbiness or a few pimples or braces and you dont need model features but if you cant take care of yourself you can't take care of someone else! The biggest thing to me is hair! i love amazing hair. especially long hair it's really attractive if it's neat biggrin . I hate when my boyfriend has asshole friends. ugh!<br />
    I have random obsessions<br />
    I love animals. I'm a cat person haha.<br />
    I can't live a day without talking to people! I'm usually very random and hyper when you know me but it can change depending on the person ♥ but anyway talk to me! my number is 360.335.3328 and i check my facebook( http://www.facebook.com/destery1337 ) like every other minute if i have wifi [damn ipods and their need for wifi!! >:0 ]<br />
    ♥ ~ Destery(:
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