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    ---MOVIES: Thrillers, Action, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Romantic Comedies, Classics<br />
    ---FOOD: Tomato Soup , Steak, cheese and crackers, Jamaican Patties<br />
    ---PEOPLE: who try to be civil to each other even if the don't like him/her<br />
    ---ANIME: Violent action packed, romance, comedy, supernatural, all over<br />
    ---MANGA: again its all over the place, thou I love romance shoujo manga<br />
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    .: biggrin islikes::.<br />
    <br />
    ---MOVIES: Horror and most pure romance<br />
    ---FOOD: Tomatos<br />
    ---PEOPLE: who show no respect for me or others<br />
    ---ANIME: Slow repetitive plot lines<br />
    ---MANGA: Slow repetitive plot lines<br />
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