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  • Artist Info: About me. . . .uuhm. . .<br />
    ok. . I'm from England,, Cambridge <br />
    [and no,, I doubt I'll get into Cambridge Uni.. before yo ask -not everyone in cambs is a genius.. i seem to surround myself with complete tards.. all the time biggrin ]<br />
    <br />
    *Army Cadets -2 COY CHINTON DET. blaad xD its hella LOLZ <br />
    [nd you get to go BANG BANG BANG. >:3 ]<br />
    *<3 swimming :3<br />
    *Yush.. i do ..... Ballet "/<br />
    .... since i was 4 ... -shh! :3<br />
    <br />
    * I couldnt live without !!MUSIC!! <33 X]<br />
    -and my Friends hahh they're all bunch of nob'eads =3 <33 --<br />
    <br />
    (*)I listen to loads of differents types of music :3 lyk:;<br />
    Nickasaur** [inspired me to make my own music && take it for my GCSE's [: ]] <33 **NeverShoutNever<33 [and chris' other band] -EatMeWhileImHot :3 urm. . Avenged Sevenfold,, Metallica,, Blood On The Dance Floor,, **Bring Me The Horizon,, All Time Low,, Slipknot,, Hollywood Undead,, The Gorillaz,, Napalm Death,, Straight Lines,, Zebra Head,, Young Guns,, Metro Station,, Stephen Jerzak,, **Eyes Set To Kill,, Scene Thugs,, Owl City,, The Medic Droid,, You Me At 6,, Noah and the Whale,, **Jeffree Star,, Breathe Electric,, The Ready Set,, Elephants and Crayons,, SUICIDE SCILENCE. ,, Kill Paradise,, Hello,Astonaut,, HeyHiHello!,, Freelance Whales,, Unicorn Kid,, Avenged Sevenfold,, Nintendocore,, Asking Alexandria,, Escape The Fate,, Sky Eats Aeroplane,, Scouting For Girls,, One Morning Left,, **Breathe Carolina,, Sterio Skyline,, Attack! Attack!,, Bullet For My Valentine,, The Perfect Measure,, Calvin Harris,, **Black Veil Brides <33 [<--**love them so ehffing much x3],, Bowling For Soup,, The Killers,, Queens of The Stoneage,, Chealsea Grin,, [sometimes Dot Dot Curve : )],, N!TRO,, The Kooks,, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers,, Drowning Pool,, Disko Warp,, Synthetic Seaon,, Henry Homesweet,, Iron Maiden,, The Chase,, A Thorn For Every Heart,, The Hooziers,, The Rasmus,, A Static Lullaby,, Look Alive,, I Eat Lightning,, Mindless Self Indulgence,, 30 Seconds to Marz. . . <br />
    nd i probably left some out aah well x] =Z<br />
    Oh! and some smaller um.. more local bands i guess: <br />
    A.R.T! ,, We Found The Fox ,, Sattellite To Nowhere,, Does It Offend You, Yeah?[<- idk whether to put them here or the other list neutral ] ,, urm... you know what? ask me for my FB link nd you can see [:
    <br />
    <br />
    <33<br />
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