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  • Artist Info: Hello I am Emily 36 years old who's been on gaia, for about 4 years now and still has no idea how to do certain things on here like booty grab screen shots lol how the heck do you do that on a Toshiba lap top lol.lol. But I enjoy this game esp booty grab. I am not one who judges people for if you talk to me in a decent manor I will talk back I don't like people who disrespect others or me due to attitude. If you like to talk Pm me I'll talk see what we have in common.I am an adult who loves to play online games such as Gaia. A little about me for about 13 years I have raised and trained horses but due to family health concerns had to get out of the business for a while, and the loss of my horse took a big tole on me for she was my number one baby. She wasn't human but sure acted like it. Any one who is in love with their pets this much and deeply cares for them will understand this loss. I also enjoy certain programs such as Ghost Hunters, The Mob Doctor, Ghost Adventures and nature programs also Man vs Food. I enjoy all kinds of music. I enjoy some animated cartoons as well like Yu-gi-oh the orig version. Bleach, Inuyasha Forgive my spelling I am old lol. So there you have it my basic little profile about me so have fun reading and see ya on Gaia.<br />
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    Only place to retire a woman's horse,is in the heart of the horses owner <br />
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