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  • Artist Info: Hey.<br />
    Hey you.
    <br />
    Yeah, you.<br />
    YOU reading this!
    <br />
    That's right, you know who you are.<br />
    Don't try to ignore this, I know you're reading.
    <br />
    HEY!<br />
    GET BACK HERE.<br />
    Now sit your butt down and listen.
    <br />
    <br />
    The name's Gabi. Nice to meetcha.<br />
    I'm not gonna go into great detail about my height and all that crap, 'cause honestly, who cares?<br />
    I'm just gonna get down to the basics. I'm 13, and my orientation is still yet undecided. I'm not the best at making friends, so good luck. I also have very little patience, so if I start yelling at you after like, 10 minutes, I apologize.<br />
    Things I like:<br />
    -steampunk<br />
    -Victorian clothing C:<br />
    -Emilie Autumn<br />
    -Manga<br />
    -Reading<br />
    -Drawing/Writing/Writing Poetry<br />
    -Delicious food<br />
    -Creatures (Vampires, Fae, Dryads, etc.)<br />
    -Friends (The TV show, not my actual friends)<br />
    -The dark<br />
    -Harajuku Lovers<br />
    -Most of all, me best friend.<br />
    Things I DON'T like:<br />
    -Fish<br />
    -Horror movies<br />
    -Mainstream music<br />
    -The Twilight Saga<br />
    -Kesha and Justin Bieber<br />
    -SCHOOL<br />
    -Idiots, but sadly, the world is FULL of them. n.n<br />
    -Kids, always the kids<br />
    -Bad books<br />
    -Annoying/Jumpy/Excited People. They get on my nerves.<br />
    -YOU.<br />
    And that's about it for me. Add me, PM me, idc.<br />
    So.<br />
    Bye.<br />
    Go now.<br />
    You're not welcome here anymore.<br />
    Just go.-.-
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