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  • Artist Info: Hello. I live in New Orleans. (And NO we don’t have an accent) I brown headed and eyed. I am a girl and a dork/nerd. This means I am smart. I think. I like books, NASCAR, music, soccer, TV, and slacking. My specialty is mood swings with a side order of:<br />
    Depression<br />
    Pissed Off<br />
    Happy <br />
    Sad <br />
    Angry<br />
    And/or others. <br />
    I ain’t afraid of cursin’ you out but afraid of making you leave. I live by quotes so don’t surprised if I say one randomly. I love my computer and hate my parents. I have a boyfriend. I like to write so check out my journal and comment. People call me emo when I cry and call me annoying when I am happy. So which one am I? Annoying? Emo? Or flat out confused?<br />
    I watch old TV shows. But I am sure that a ghost is haunting my house. I say things too fast sometimes and get off subject easily. Microsoft, the internet, and books are my followers and together we will rule the world. And when I am older I want to live in Chicago.
    <br />
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