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  • Artist Info: ...OHAITHAR!!&lt;3<br />
    My name is Destiny.<br />
    My age is old enough.<br />
    My fave food would be shrimp.<br />
    My fave colors are red and black.<br />
    I like cookies;only the chewy kind.<br />
    Oatmeal raisin cookies are the bomb-diggity-though I don't like raisins O.o<br />
    I like cake...mostly vanilla....I can eat chocolate cake with vanilla icing.<br />
    There is some kind of brown cake...not chocolate...but I love it!<br />
    I move a lot. ;-;<br />
    My father is black,and my mother is white.<br />
    If your rascist I HATE YOU!!<br />
    I like all colors!<br />
    I'm not as gurly as meh sister razz <br />
    I like this face...XD<br />
    I smile a lot...<br />
    For some reason in front of certain people I can't stop smiling and it hurts...:3<br />
    I love my family.<br />
    I can kick some ass when I need to.<br />
    I will kick anyone's ass who messes with me or my friends.<br />
    I will stalk you if you get on my nerves just to get on yours...<br />
    I'm not really atracted to annoying people....<br />
    I have a facebook.<br />
    I have a myspace even though it got boring and I haven't been on since a year -_-<br />
    Life sucks someimes...So stay away from me when it does....^_^<br />
    I'll lie if I have to.<br />
    I'll kill if I have to.<br />
    People who stuff their mouths...except hobos cuz' they are hungry...disgust me.<br />
    I like people...sometimes...<br />
    Boys are annoing yet loveable....<br />
    Coke or Pepsi?-Lemonade and Sprite <br />
    I like money...<br />
    GIVE ME MONEY!!<br />
    Thx for visitng my pro....give me money...and enjoy!<br />
    That is all.^^ xp whee heart
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