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  • Artist Info: Hey guys thanx for stoppin by ma page!<br />
    <br />
    Ok, things to know about me:<br />
    <br />
    ~Im 17 years old, <br />
    ~Im from GA<br />
    ~My ethnicity is Jamaican<br />
    ~I love anime!!! Anime freak, really! razz <br />
    ~i have a huge obsession to CHOCOLATE!!!! <br />
    OOOH and COOKIES 2! (basically if it has alot of sugar, i like it) ..(__./)<br />
    ~I like random things,...I dont know why..but i just do ......................(O_O)<br />
    ~My friends mean alot to me, so if any of u!.....any 1 of yall peeps pick on any of ma friendz.......Its me and u.....ya digg?! O.o?<br />
    ~I hate chain letters, So please dont send me any, Its annoying, and it don't work anyway so wats the point? u just wastin' time and energy..<br />
    ~i absolutely looooove TIGERS.......RAWWWRRRR!!! &gt;=D<br />
    ~i play a few sports...Tennis & Basketball mainly, and football for fun...im pretty good at it though...suprisingly,(I Dont do that Tackle stuff though....)<br />
    ~just rememba( Keep yourself in check , to earn my respect..) <br />
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