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  • Artist Info: POERY IN THE ART ARENA!!http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/gallery/?uid=24041431<br />
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    Want to know about me ok. im to the bone weird. the way i act. the way i think, the way i do things. im crazy just a lil bit. so if your not willing to take a fun ride in life or see things different just for a second, we wont be good friends. my only flaw is my past im not pround of it but it is the muse of my poetry. i love almost everyone. The only way to piss me off is to disturb my peaceful Life. Im very loyal you can trust me with anything. Though its hard to gain my trust. i like to hang with friends and read, write and im dedicated to my summer job at the YMCA as a camp consular. i want to be friends with everyone, and hell i just might try. anyhoo, that would be all! thanks for reading. come find me, we can have a nice chat! <3 User Image
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