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  • Artist Info: With my friends, I'm the cute girl that is too innocent to understand naughty references.<br />
    With my family, I'm the sarcastic, short-tempered, man of the house that keeps everyone in line.<br />
    With strangers, I'm the shy girl that avoids eye contact and plays with her fingers.<br />
    With people in need, I'm the kind and empathetic person that listens rather then speaks.<br />
    With my teachers, I'm the star student that knows all the information but forgets the homework.<br />
    With myself, I'm the person that no one would expect me to be.<br />
    With my art, I am the person that won't be ashamed of expressing their emotions and thoughts.<br />
    With my stories, I can be whoever I want to be.<br />
    Who am I really?<br />
    Even I do not know myself.
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