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    The name is Stephanie and I am a very unique person.<br />
    II generally and honestly am brutally honest.. I don't care if I hurt your feelings if you ask me a question ; I will be honest. <br />
    I keep to myself. Don't like people. <br />
    If you don't like me, please please do not fake like you do , I can see through people's fake facades( and you'd be surprised how many people put them up.) <br />
    I'm psychic/ an empath. <br />
    I'm a Leo-Virgo cusp. <br />
    I'm 16 years old.<br />
    I like piercings and tattoos. <br />
    I love laughing. <br />
    I love food. <br />
    I love my boyfriend 10-23-2010 :3 ♥<br />
    I love love love love music. (Rock, Power Symphonic, Power Metal) <br />
    I am arrogant smile <br />
    I am vain :3 <br />
    I am very secretive; I don't let anyone in my life. No one "really" just knows me except four people. <br />
    I don't like kiss asses; I never have and never will bow down to someone.<br />
    So yes. Most people wouldn't tell you their bad traits in their profile, they try to make it seem like their some angel; i'm not an angel nor am I trying to be. <br />
    <br />
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