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  • Artist Info: Hi I'm Birdy, I'm 26, female, she/her(s)<br />
    I love birds.<br />
    I love the Goth scene.<br />
    I love Anime, and I take most of my wardrobe from that and Goth.<br />
    Goth is a personality based on preferences for the exquisitely artistically demonstrated spectrum of emotions with a focus on bittersweetness, elatedness and despair.<br />
    I love the unusual.<br />
    I'm pansexual with mostly lesbian preferences.<br />
    emo boys in eyeliner are cute.<br />
    LGBTQ+ PRIDE FOREVER! emotion_rainbow <br />
    <br />
    I support CLEAN HEALTHY LIVING emotion_bigheart <br />
    I have committed to a drug-free, smoke-free, trouble-making-friends-free, life.<br />
    Nature really is the best place to be happy.<br />
    I also do not drink, except for very rarely on big social occasions where I might have a glass, maybe two. But I will NOT drink to get drunk/inebriated. <br />
    I need to keep a clear head to make good decisions. This has never been a problem as I have never cared much for alcohol, and avoid most types of it. Otherwise, it's a strict no-substances-except-my-prescription-meds at the lowest effective dose, policy.<br />
    <br />
    I AM HERE FOR YOU emotion_bandaid <br />
    if you ever need to talk about anything, from sobriety to everyday problems. And, I'm looking for friends too. <br />
    I talk/write too much sometimes because IRL no one really listens to me so when someone finally does, I guess it all comes pouring out. I'm really working on not typing/talking so much. That, or finding someone who not only doesn't mind, but enjoys it, so we can share in proliferate communication joy.
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