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  • Artist Info: hey there, im catie,<br />
    im 16, i live in the middle of a desert, and im a nerd.<br />
    things that i love include;<br />
    -the teacup ride at disneyland, the pink ones are my favorite.<br />
    -red bean paste, i can eat that stuff straight, yumm.<br />
    -anime, in anime anything is possible!<br />
    -art, the basis for my existance.<br />
    -music, the other basis for my existance.<br />
    -prisma color pencils, its like magic in a stick.<br />
    -bus/train adventures, makes me feel alive.<br />
    -jasmine rice, piping hot.<br />
    -pockets, there convientent, whats not to love?<br />
    -concerts, i dont go to many, but there amazing anyway.<br />
    -scarves, a bitter-sweet love.<br />
    -my dresser, its a dresser.<br />
    -the color maroon, makes me feel amazing.<br />
    theres other stuff too, i just cant think of it all on the spot, sorry.<br />
    so if i seem interesting to you and you want to chat or be friends, you can add or pm me smile <br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    these are my dream avis by the way, i know 2 isnt normal, but im torn.<br />
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