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  • Artist Info: Hi people my best people in gaia I know are the best lol!!!!!!!! Yea this is for my sister lemon and this is for my best friend koreanhusky and her friend lol I forgot the names lol!!!! Yea GO GAIA lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea if read this then all the stuff I got is not hacked items and i get cash card i think about 5 a year lol.<br />
    &gt;.&lt;!!!!My favorite anime are bleach and death note. I used to watch naruto but it got boring lol. And the last time i want to say is .... YEA FOR GAIA!! I have a chicken that died 8/2/08 crying it was my best friend and i loved it sp much it was attacked by a hawk and a racoon crying
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