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  • Artist Info: I am proud to be American as the little thing on me says XD.Right now I speak 3 languages Turkish, Spanish and English. I plan to learn 6 more languaes in the future. I love any kind of music but rap isn't my favorite.I am a very young poet I love to write books and poems and I also love reading. I'm smart, funny, and nice.I think Katy Perry is awesome. I love her, her music, the way she wears her makeup, and her huge smile. I don't know what else to say what if some of you plan on stocking me or something so I rather not give out my information lol. I hate racism I think it is very wrong to make fun of someone's color, religion etc get my point? Good biggrin . I love India.I have one to many hollywood stars so I will not bother with that XD. My favorite bollywood star is Katrina Kaif .I am not from India though I am from America its the only thing I will say.I know I sound mean I am not i'm really funny and cool just that I am not giving out to much info about me.<br />
    <br />
    About Me & IDK lol<br />
    1.Where I am from? If u read the top I am from America.<br />
    2.How old am I? Idk u guess.<br />
    3.What's my name? You know it Natalie the rest I won't give out.<br />
    4.My favorite color? Thats not needed.<br />
    5.My phone #? Umm lets see here that sounds to dangerous<br />
    6.My email? No content.<br />
    7.Where I go to school? A school I love to go and learn new things every day. I love school by the way. I love learning new things.<br />
    8.My friends? Really good people I love to hang out with
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