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  • Artist Info: User Image Hey!! Wassup lame h**s this is Kimmie hackin' ma hubby Joshie &lt;3...Wow there's a lot thing I can say bout this guy right here, imma start off by saying that Joshie's the most randomest boy I have ever met..you already know it's true don't deny it XD but anyways I can talk to him for 24/7 straight & never get annoyed, sleepy, or bored of him me & him are always talking about the randomness things on earth everything we're online or on aim, and when we aren't I miss him like crazy Dx I hope me & him stay together forever no matter what happens..I'll always love you Joshie, just to let you know Sleepyhead XD but I'm done writing for now! <br />
    <br />
    -Kimmie 12-5-2k10
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