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  • Artist Info: I play aqworlds. <br />
    I have 2 webs websites. They're awesome.<br />
    My 3 main friends are Charlotte, Autumn, and Christina (rl)<br />
    I live in the beautiful town of Northville, Michigan<br />
    I have a boyfriend named Phil.<br />
    My favorite colors are black and dark red.<br />
    I love to use neon colors when i paint my nails.<br />
    My favorite band of all time are The Beatles.<br />
    My favorite singer is Paul McCartney (coincidence??? lol)<br />
    I have 1 brother and 1 pet.<br />
    My pet is a english springer spaniel named gracie.<br />
    I love it when there are thunderstorms. I find it relaxing.<br />
    I'm really freakin tall for my age. I'm 5'6
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