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  • Artist Info: Hello to everyone who views this and thank you for coming. Before you judge<br />
    me let me tell you....MY COMPUTER SUCKS! IT HAS A HARD TIME GENERATING<br />
    PUT ON HERE!!!! Well, thanks to Terren Rienhardt, I do have a cool profile, thanks sooo much! Ahem...sorry for that little rant. It is an honor to actually<br />
    be playing Gaia instead of dreaming of it. Hmm...I guess I should describe myself.<br />
    I am 18 and have long medium brown hair. And when I say long it is long. It <br />
    is almost past my waist and to my butt. Stop thinking bad things you perverts!!! I recently cut it, but that was actually 5 or 6 months ago (I have a bad sense of time) so it is about 5 inches away from being the regualr length previously stated.<br />
    Anyway I have hazzle eyes that often pass for green and blue and other various tints OK......so I leave this part in here to reinstate the obvious. I totally thought that HAZZLE was BLUE or a LIGHT BLUE with changing tints every now and again. Yes, I am ashamed to say this, but I thought that HAZZLE was blue......for about 17 years. So sorry.....<br />
    My eye sight is almost as bad as a badger, and they can't see at all.<br />
    The perscription of my glasses are not nearly as strong as they need to be because<br />
    it was my old one. But I was recently diagnosed with some weird degeneration thing<br />
    in my eyes...that's why they are so bad! But what can you do? Just smile and go on! So, yeah, I don't have that degeneration thing, they misdiagnosed me (not a surpise, I'm a medical mystery to every doctor)<br />
    I am a very positive person and try not to see the bad in the world. I am told that<br />
    I am a good listener by my friends, they are always coming to me for advice and<br />
    maybe to just vent. I don't mind though, cause I like being there for them. Hmm...I <br />
    kind of went off on a tangent that I wasn't going for...oh well, going on. <br />
    <br />
    I love<br />
    anime and the Japanese culture...I WANT A KIMONO SOOO BAD!!!!<br />
    And that is where my computer almost deleted my profile that I worked so hard to type. That is why it goes stops on wanting a kimono. So, yeah, I am really into the Japanese culture and I want to go there for a few years or so. <br />
    <br />
    Um.....I really like anime and I will give almost anything a try, so if you want to recomend something to me, I'll read it and tell you what I thought. Although I doubt anyone reads this....but still I'll take on your challenge!<br />
    <br />
    So, that is about it. Besides the fact that I like to draw and can't spell well, so I hope you enjoyed this little segment on Zinta's Life.
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