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  • Artist Info: Hey. The name is Eidolon. But not from Final Fantasy. I just like the name.<br />
    Sadly I haven't really played any of the Final Fantasy games. -.-'<br />
    But yeah. I draw anime. But mostly of Beetle Juice and Joker. Because I like them. smile <br />
    My favorite colors are, Black, White, and Red. biggrin I love Haunted houses, Halloween, and Scary movies. I'm an Evangelical Christian and I go to an AMAZING church that plays rock music and gives out free coffee. I want to be a Holly Wood Makeup artist. But not that pretty stuff. The gruesome make-you-throw-up stuff. Like burn victims and stuffs. Yep. I love all types of food. Especially Chinese food. But I still have yet to try sushi. My favorite movie is Beetle Juice and I hate the winter. I hate being tan and I hate Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, and whatever other movie are in that series.<br />
    <br />
    I tried a long time ago to get a Gaia. But that was back when I was irresponsible. A-Bleah A-Bleah A-Bleah THAT'S ALL FOLKS. XD
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