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    Ͼӷƴȿȶɵӷɪᶐ Ɖӷᶐɡɵɳɧɛᶐӷȶ <br />
    Well, I've been inactive for a few years...but I'm back!<br />
    Things that haven't changed:<br />
    Well, I still like my name, and I don't plan on changing that. Call me Crystal, Kris, Ria, or even Stori. I'm cool with that.<br />
    I'm still awesome, or at least I think so...but you know more mature and stuff.<br />
    Meh, maturity. that's for real life.<br />
    Still hate spiders and am very much in love with Pokemon.<br />
    Anyway, changes:<br />
    I'm a better speller! Which is both sad and true. I used to be terrible, but hey I'm not anymore, okay?<br />
    I'm older, but so are you...probably.<br />
    I'm writing a bit more than I used to. Drawing too, and I've improved? Maybe.<br />
    I'm just going to stop here...<br />
    Thanks for reading this random ramble! I'm sure you're awesome too!
    <br />
    <br />
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