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  • Artist Info: Hello ppls..!>3<Let me explain myself <br />
    I get pissed off easily most by annoyed. I’m picky<br />
    About fashion and yeah. ♥ I spoiled<3 CUPCAKES!!!~<br />
    Asian pride nothing serious..LOL I’m funny and fun to be <br />
    Around I’ll make your day shine. I’m GOOD at writing quotes<br />
    And learning about life. It’s actually my thing. ♥ <br />
    I love being a camera whore, a girl XD, asian, funny, and more<3<br />
    My music..?!!Electro, Japanese melody, violin(also play it)^^,pop, rock.<br />
    I’m kinda selfish. I may be rude but fair. Always nice but never let anyone<br />
    Use you. ^8^ I don’t know why I give put free money to friends:/LMFAO<br />
    Oh and I LAUGH ALOTT I can’t ever stop until I drink water?!I’m random.Uuuhh..i hate school.O.O My hair is black/blond. biggrin <3<br />
    Hello Kitty~.~!Vietnamese.Jolly Randger.Water.texting...Harajuku<br />
    Watevrz I luv 2 party,hardcore muzik wuld be awesome;D<br />
    I will say hi.Cameraaaa..shopping with mommy!! smile )I kan be alittle weird...( ̄ー ̄)▲▼I showerLOL!I 'do' mai hair alott.(*^_^*)<br />
    I think wrong but funny~(・ε・)ノBitches u mess with me Ill hunt u dwn. smile ♥ ®Single.Want more..?!ask meh or comment i have youtube,formspring,facebook.myspace,aim,and TUMBLR!!♥♥♥♥<br />
    Hearts 2 teh world ..Ima out>.><br />
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