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  • Artist Info: Ichigo Kurosaki is a high schooler who lives with his dad and two sisters at their clinic. His mom died when he was younger (he was 9 and his sisters were 4), he blames himself for that because she was trying to save him. Ichigo could always see ghosts and spirits when he was younger, and his skills have grown so now he can touch and talk to them.<br />
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    One night a soul reaper, by the name of Rukia, came to his house. She was shocked that he could see her. She had come because a hollow, was attacking Ichigo's house. The hollow demolished part of the house and had harmed Ichigo's sisters, Yuzu and Karin. When the hollow was about to kill Ichigo, Rukia got in the way and got severely injured. Ichigo stabbed himself with Rukia's sword, so that he could defeat the hollow, which he did. By stabbing himself with her sword he was supposed to absorb some of her power.<br />
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    He was supposed to get half her power, but he kept going. Thankfully, Rukia broke the connection before he could take all of the power. But Ichigo's sword is stronger and more powerful than Rukia's. Also, his powers are far more developed then hers, for he can see and use spirit threads, which only powerful soul reapers are supposed to be able to use.<br />
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    Ichigo gets missions at sometimes the most inopportune time, sometimes in school even. Since he can't be a soul reaper and be seen at the same time, Rukia has to force his soul reaper self out of his body, leaving his body unconscious until he finishes what he sets out to do.<br />
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    Ichigo's zanpakuto is named Zangetsu ("Moon Cutter" wink , though he doesn't realize this until he begins training under Urahara. Its unawakened form is very large and bulky, yet it isn't as powerful as compared to other sealed zanpakuto due to Ichigo's inability to control his own spiritual power . This doesn't become apparent, however, until his encounter with Byakuya Kuchiki, who cuts off most of the blade. Subsequently, training with Urahara allowed Ichigo to finally get in touch with the spirit of his zanpakuto and reawaken his Soul Reaper powers. Further training forces Ichigo to finally learn--and call out--its name, thus awakening it. From then on, Zangetsu always assumes at least a released [shikai] state because of Ichigo's overabundance of spirit energy. Its special attack is called getsuga tensho ("Sky-piercing Moon Fang" wink . Again, Ichigo does not realize its name until he talks with the spirit of Zangetsu, who notes that knowledge of the technique affects its power.<br />
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    Thanks to help from a device of Urahara's, Ichigo is also one of the few Soul Reapers not of captain rank to have achieved his zanpakuto's final release [bankai]--Tensa Zangetsu. What's strange is that most bankai reach out and change into huge forms--his compresses all the power *inward* (the sword itself compresses down into the size of a traditional nodachi or Japanese longsword). So instead of unleashing new attacks, Tensa Zangetsu enhances what's already there, from his natural physical ability (giving him speed that can surpass the flash step) to his getsuga tensho attack (which gains both power and control) to even his garb (which changes into a black coat similar to that worn by the spirit of Zangetsu).<br />
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    A little about my self is im outgoing and fun to be around.<br />
    Im 19 and pretty chill i love to watch anime kinda an otaku lol. <br />
    i was renovating my profile when i noticed i put 16 for my age haha guess ive had this account for 3 years now ^-^ (havent been on in a year though) lol hmmm what else to know about me<br />
    I also write my own music (lyrics) hobby of mine oooh i also model now as well ;p so if you wanna know more just knock on my door (^o^)/<br />
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    Item List:<br />
    Death Whisper (6th gen)<br />
    Kung Fu Panda (white belt)<br />
    Buddhist Monk's Straw Sandals<br />
    White Tabi<br />
    Shadowlegend 8th Gen.<br />
    Black Zoot Suit Carlango<br />
    Dashing Gentleman Onyx Vest<br />
    Kuro Hakama<br />
    Alruna's Rose 2nd Gen<br />
    Trick or Treat Tote 6th Gen.<br />
    Red And Maroon Reversible Hair Pins<br />
    Picolitrosso's Urn 9th Gen.<br />
    Bone Demon Mask<br />
    Compass of Seidh<br />
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