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  • Artist Info: My name is Kathleen. People call me Kathy, but I'll also take Kat, Sunako, or Sumi. smile <br />
    I love Pierce The Veil and sleeping with Sirens heart , in case you haven't noticed. They are SOOOOOO perfect! <333<br />
    My favorite colors are any shade of blue, purple, red, and black<br />
    I HATE PINK!!! It's either too bright or too... just too something!! >.<<br />
    I'm obsessed with reeses's because they're good like that. PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE RULES!!! XD<br />
    I also have a strong liking for pizza. <3<br />
    I like drawing, writing, singing... basically anything that has to do with art. Art is amazing. <3<br />
    My favorite music is everything but country <33333<br />
    I was born in New Jersey like my aunt, so I'll always be a Jersey Girl. (:<br />
    Because of said aunt, I'm starting to like anime a lot and I'm starting to have an obsession with yaoi. <3<br />
    I'm talkative, yes, but try my best to be quiet when I need to.<br />
    I'm also short but at least unlike my aunt I know I am. -__- No offense to her of course. (:<br />
    And as you can see, I love using symbols and smiles everywhere. That's how much I love Gaia! <333[color
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