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  • Artist Info: amm..... hello there! i'm amu-ichi! and i'm your every-day ordinary school girl.....<br />
    first of all i would like to thank you for visiting my profile! wink <br />
    my real name is shafia,and i just turned 13. whee i don'nt mind what ever my friends call me, as long as it's not rude...so it's the same for you! 4laugh <br />
    OK, about me now! blaugh <br />
    if you ask me about my personality, then i would say that i'm not so fast with reality, and quite "light headed" as my school friends say... sweatdrop but i do try and keep up with reality anyway..... 3nodding <br />
    i'm a bit absored with things related to japan for some odd reason... neutral i really don't know why....i have no kind of relation with japan, or can't speak japanese,or understand japanese, and writing japanese is out of the question!<br />
    (may be because its for the anime and things i like? question ) but you know i'm _N_O_T_ ashamed to like japan! biggrin <br />
    i like cute things like most ordinary school girls.(told you i was ordinary.)<br />
    oh yes! i all most forgot! i like reading books! i think books are quite atracting to me because it can take me to the worlds that can't be visited in reality.and amazing things can happen too! thats right! i like fantacy books the most!<br />
    i like to play my violin time to time, but i'm only a starter. sweatdrop but i still enjoy playing it.i REALY like anime (as i've said before) and manga too! biggrin <br />
    i like art, and like to draw manga people my self some time.(it turns out better every time!) so, so far in my life i think i'm very happy! 3nodding (but theres no such thing as "at its most" is there? it can always get better!) wink <br />
    <br />
    well, i think i said too much... sweatdrop <br />
    so i'll stop "blah blah blahing" and let you get on with your life...! 4laugh <br />
    <br />
    oh yeah! enjoy my profile!!! blaugh wink <br />
    and please comment! heart
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