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    Both of my parents died when I was 3, never met them and I don't know much about them. I was an orphan for around two years, spending my days doing nothing but getting yelled at, going to a poor school and getting beat by the other children there. I then got adopted to an only father who (Still) never married but adopted 6 children (all girls surprisingly) and, really, only torments me because he believes I am useless bitch. He does some things that I wish not to mention and other things that I care not about, such as him beating me. He currently has me in a private school that has a schedule for 3am - 2pm, which makes my internal clock fucked up. I get beat at school, by the teachers and students. I have a monophobia (fear of being alone without those you care for) and I currently only have one friend who I am now dating because, really, I had loved her four years after we became friends, which was when we were both 6...
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