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    Cha' It's me! I am back! Like it or not smile <br />
    So... My name is Maria. I have had a Gaia since 06 and I love it. But, I quit a few months back. I missed it so much I had to come back. I had tons of stuff. But I gave it all away. So now I liiik like a noob. Even though I am not....... I love Random Pm's and I love donators!! I am a full blown Christian or you can call me a ''Holy Roller'' Because that is what I am and I am not ashamed to say it! I WILL stand up for what I believe in! I have a short temper when it comes to someone talking about my mom.... Being that she is dead and all. If you don't like me already thhen get off my page smile . I love to chat! I am random!! I am 14 and I will not lie about my age more or less anything else. I love being nice to people, but some people is just impossible to be nice to! &gt;.&gt;!! Well, I am having fun typing this because I like the sound of the key board razz I am a Chololate Mini Calbury Egg fanatic. I buy like 10 bags for the whole year since they are only out at Easter! Haha. I am Random. I absolutely do not Cyb*er on here, Nor do I date. I have a boyfriend in real life and he is the best botfriend anyone could ask for.I don't except Random friend requests either. Well, Thats all for now. I f you want to get to know me more send me a message!
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