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  • Artist Info: I'm a manga and anime fanatic, <br />
    I also love books, I'm reading Generatin Dead by Daniel Waters (best book ever)<br />
    I want to cosplay but don't know anyone to cosplay with or how to get the costumes sweatdrop but I'll work on it (some I want to cosplay Ulquiorra ( heart ), Deidara, Sasori, Iggy (maximum ride), Ai (hell girl), ect)<br />
    I used to obsess over yaoi way to much (got addicted sweatdrop ) its to good to ignore.... <br />
    I stoped watching anime and manga over it but I'm back on track <br />
    ANYWAYS, I'm a freshman in Florida, USA (its finally cooling down so I'm not dieing everyday I leave the house)<br />
    People say I'm always hyper, not really. I don't really see it unless I'm running in circles for no particular reason.<br />
    I'm easily distracted but am serious when doing my work (swear I'm bipolar sometimes) <br />
    I'm gonna try to journal (whatever the heck that is)....maybe....<br />
    I'm gonna try to have a deviant art account with my drawings If I can get my sister to upload them and color them for me (I don't know how to color in real life and computer life sweatdrop )when I got pictures I'll edit this<br />
    <br />
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