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    Heyy!<br />
    My name is Leahhh. [; I'm cool. Really cool. No, Just kidding. Anyywayy, I'm 17, I have blonde hair... obviously. I don't like a specific music genre, but if I were to choose a certain one, I would probably choose hard rock. My favorite bands are BREAKING BENJAMIN and BIG TIME RUSH. I know, what a combo right?? Anyway, I'm a total grammar freak/ nazi. You spell something wrong, and it really bothers me, I'll be up that ass in no time. [;<br />
    If you don't like me, it won't really matter to me, depending on who you are. But most the time you'd be catching that fever. The Leah fever, [; It be spreadin' like your Momma's legs bitchess. &lt;3
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    heart emotion_bigheart heart emotion_bigheart heart emotion_bigheart <br />
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