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    Zacku Akitoki was a middle child to a noble clan in his realm. His father and mother being high ranked creatures in their home world 'Drakunda', ruled over their kind. Having such strength and powers at an early stage of his life, his father banished him from their kingdom. A right of passage to prove that he was a worthy Humonic warrior, and next heir to rule in his fathers place. Marutsu Akitoki, looked down at his two sons. Mostly of his youngest daughter, Victoria. Instead of having the blue hair and red eyes like her mother and father. She resembled much to a 'Sate', the negative version of the Humonic's that were said to of been defiled and dirt worth creatures that lived in the darkest pits of the forest near the dragon's lair. Victoria yet, not trully being a blood sibling to Zacku and her two older brother and sisters always caused nothing but mischief and harm to them when they were younger. Zacku during his childhood had managed to enter the realm that held Earth within its grasp. The young boy, didn't know exactly what to make of 'Human's and Demons', since they were such fragile things in his hands. But the thing the boy witnessed while in Earth, was the defiling of a young girl. This was what had created 'Negative', the darkness that dwelled in the humonic. Negative was the side that only wished for more power and to cause harm to all living creatures. A few years had passed since his banishment, but thus it was time to head home. He was a young man now, looking like his father and having the strength of the last memory of his older brother. Zacku found his way back home, only to learn that his kingdom was destroyed...mother was killed, his other sister beside her in blood. The thing that got to him was that Victoria, Marutsu and his older brother were no where in sight. Zacku vowed to the death of his family members and comrades that he would seek and destroy those who had brought shame to their proud way of life. A few more years had passed, gaining an ally of a fellow female humonic named 'Kliya', he was able to learn about his homes destruction. The Evil Sate, 'Arkis' was behind everything. The two had set out to find and eliminate that wicked sate once and for all...<br />
    (Both pic on top and bottem of page were painted by me, I'm that good)<br />
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