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  • Artist Info: Hi, <br />
    This is Bloodstone Angel and I share this account with my bff in the whole world Rainbow Donkey Princess but she hacked my account and now I is angry. But any who we use this to post our writing crap and it's her turn to talk now but I just wanna say that I am a toaster. blaugh <br />
    Yup, ok tis me Rainbow Donkey Princess. Yeah I'm also Betsy the Gun which is there too... Well basically I said that we should use this thing to post cuz we had it origonally on two seperate accounts and people were missing like half of the story so we decided to restart and said that this would be a good idea so yeah. Uhm, each of the avitars look like a character in out book, this one is actually Damon, Bloodstone looks like Lian, Rainbow looks like Kaige, and the last one looks like Max... (the username is a gigantic inside joke that you wouldn't laugh at unless you were there...)<br />
    And Bloodstone, YOU HACK ME TOO SO GET OVER IT!!!! scream <br />
    ok, bye bye, guyzzzzzz!!!! : D
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